Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Consider the Consequences

I remember speaking years ago to a friend who is a social worker. She said something to me that has stuck with me to the point that I often share it with others I may be talking to. She said, "There are consequences to everything we do. If you do good, there will be good consequences. If you do bad, there will be bad consequences."

This is such a simple truth. It is displayed throughout the Bible, yet, due to the sinful nature of man, many times mankind still make bad choices. Moses told the people in Deuteronomy 30:19 to choose life so that they may live. However, as we know from reading the history of the Israelites after the death of Moses they did not choose life. They chose to disobey God repeatedly and this led to them being taken into Babylonian captivity for 70 years.

Here's the clincher, God will allow you make bad choices and suffer the consequences. Don't believe it? Look at how Acts 7:42 reads in the Message Bible: "God wasn't at all pleased; but he let them do it their way, worship every new god that came down the pike-- and live with the consequences, consequences described by the prophet Amos: Did you bring me offerings of animals and grains those forty wilderness years, O Israel?

When I read this verse I was shaken to my core as I reminisced over my own life, seeing the things I did that I know God didn't want me to do. He allowed me to do them anyway and I had to suffer the consequences of them. Take a moment to think of the things you did that you know God wasn't pleased with. What were the consequences? Are you still suffering from those consequences today?

You may need to talk to a trusted friend, pastor or counselor before you make your decision. Last Fall, I had an idea in my heart for ministry that I wanted to pursue. I shared it with a friend whose spiritual insight I trust. Long story short, I was advised not to pursue the idea. I heeded the advice and I am trusting God to direct me as to how He wants me to pursue what is in my heart.

I'm grateful that I considered my friends words and heeded her advice. I know it was the will of the Lord for me and the consequences of my decision have left me with a great sense of peace.

Prayerfully this blog will cause you to consider (pause, ponder and pay attention to) the consequences of the next decision you are about to make. Remember, in 2012 the Kingdom Prevails, BUT it will only prevail if you consider the consequences and be sure that what you are doing is pleasing to God.

Until next time,

Dr. Sheila